ICL Lighting was established in 2005 providing technical and innovative solutions in the office/school/tower.

ICL Lighting targets lighting retrofit projects, by using newest technology. Of modern of classical &simple design.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Design, Manufacture the Office/Commericial/Institutional building LED lighting technology while offering  a guaranty of the highest standard of quality. Our main customer are project company or archiect.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment is to provide quality LED lighting solutions at the lowest cost enabling customers to realize the benefits of LED lighting technology NOW rather than the future.

Currently, We designs fixtures positioned to take advantage of utility incentives targeting the replacement of existing inefficient lighting technologies. Some of the retrofit applications include:

  • Recessed linear profile
  • Hotel application grill downlight
  • Pendent Fixture
  • Truck Light
  • Wall washier
  • High Bay Lighting
  • Linear Wall Washier